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As simple as it may seem, buying a travel insurance policy can be very confusing. Do you buy a trip insurance or a year long plan? What are the pros and cons of each? Without having a full understanding of the required coverages you may be underinsuring yourself. We help you find the right policy at the right price without compromising the coverage or quality of service. We work with only the highly rated travel insurance companies and agents to serve you.

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6 Factors that impact your travel insurance rates

Coverage Type

Depending on the policy type your monthly premium can vary significantly


Your travel destination and legnth of stay can impact your premium


Age and health condition of covered traveler can increase or decrease the premium


Depending on the activities you will be involved in while on travel can impact your premium


Comparing rates from different insurers may help you find the best rates for the right amount of coverage


Working with an insurance agent may get you the discounts that you may not be aware of

Top travel insurance companies

Travelex Insurance Services is a leader in providing quality travel insurance. With over 55 years of protecting travelers, they are one of the most experienced in the industry and will be there to protect your travel and provide emergency assistance.

Seven Corners provides you travel health insurance including for those who have pre-existing conditions.
Visitors Coverage helps you get insurance for family members who will be visiting you from abroad. They can also provide you coverage for the pre-existing conditions.

Aardvark helps you get a custom quote from multiple insurers.