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As simple as it may seem, researching and applyng for a business loan can be very confusing. Without having a full understanding of all the loan terms not only we may end up paying more in fees and interest but also pre-payment penalties if any. Not only that we may also be exposed to some scams. Regardless if you have a bad credit, average credit or good credit, we can help you find the best business loan at competitive rates. We work with only the highly rated business loan companies to serve you.

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6 Factors that impact your business loan rates

Credit Score

A good credit score can easily lower your monthly payments


City and state laws can impact your ability to get a business loan at a low interest rate


The loan amount and other outsanding debt can determine your interest rate


The loan application, employment, and salary can impact your payment


Comparing loan rate quotes from different lenders can lower your payments

Top business loan lenders and marketplaces

Amount:   $5,000 - $35,000
Term:   2 - 5 years
Rate(APR):  5.99% - 24.99%
Payment:   Varies

Additional Info
  • Great loan for those who are starting a business or have a high credit card debt and would like to lower their payments
  • Funds loan through one of the partners including Alliant, First Electronic Bank, First Tech Credit Union, and TechCU
  • Minimum loan amount in MD is $6,100
  • Application requires valid ID, social security number, employment, email, credit check and a checking account
  • Credit score of 640 or higher is required
  • Debt to Income Ratio shall be less than 50%
  • 3 year of good credit
  • No current delinquencies and no delinquencies for more than 90 days in last 12 months
Amount:   $1000 - $35000
Term:   Up to 5 Years
Rate(APR):   5.99% - 35.99%
Payment:   Varies

Additional Info
  • A network of lenders that helps you find the lowest rates on a loan that can be used to start or fund a business
  • Three types of loans: peer-to-peer loans, personal installment loans, and bank loans
  • Application requires valid ID, a regular income, a checking account, and a good credit score
  • Will consider an applicant with a less than perfect credit
  • US customers and lenders only

Trusted Personal Loans
Amount:   $200 - $40,000
Term:   Up to 10 Years
Rate(APR):   6.95% - 39.99%
Payment:   Varies

Additional Info
  • A network of lenders that helps you find the lowest rates on a loan that can be used to fund a business
  • Application requires valid ID, income, and a checking account
  • Bad credit may be ok
  • US customers and lenders only

Amount:   $100 - $25,000
Term:   Up to 10 Years
Rate(APR):  15.49% - 35.99%
Payment:   Varies

Additional Info
  • A licensed lender in several states (NMLS #1424139) but may also fund loans through FinWise Bank, a Utah-chartered bank
  • Application requires valid ID, income, and a checking account
  • Bad credit with a credit score in 600s may also be funded
  • More than $500 million issued in loans throughout the USA
  • Disclosure of alimony, child support and separate maitenance income not required unless you would like it to be considered as part of your income

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
Amount:  Varies
Term:  Varies
Rate(APR):  Varies
Payment:  Varies

Additional Info
  • Partners with various lenders to help small businesses get a loan
  • While it reduces risk and makes the access to capital easier for a SBA, it is a long and time consuming process
  • May require a business operating history over the multiple years.
  • Startup capital is more competitive to get than if you have been in a business for a while
  • May required exact description and use of funds to process an application
  • May not be suitable to get operating capital for all businesses
  • May be better suited to buy equipment